Leadership Team
Lena Kushnir, Head of School

Sager Leadership
Suzanne Mishkin, Director of Sager School

Nanci Caplan, Director of Student Services


Debbie Harris, Director of Educational Technology

Ginsburg Early Childhood Center Leadership

Zahava Berman, Director

Solomon Schechter Day School Administration
Tami Warshawsky, Director of Advancement

Hillary Levitt Dunn, Director of Admissions and Enrollment

Michael McCarthy, Director of Finance and Operations

Sager and Ginsburg ECC Faculty and Staff
Shiri Aharonovich, 1st & 2nd Grade Judaic Studies Special Education Teacher
Ben Alexander, IT Support Specialist
Irit Alkalay, 5th-8th Grade Hebrew Teacher
Avi Allali, 5th-8th Grade Hebrew Teacher
Talia Anisfeld, K-4th Grade School Psychologist
Leonid Arlinsky, Director of Building & Grounds.
Anat Barlevy, 7th & 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Faye Bearman, 5th & 6th Grade Judaic Studies Teacher, 6th Grade T'fillah
Andrea Berlow, 5th & 6th Grade Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher
Betsy Briskman, 4th Grade General Studies Teacher
Ilene Brot, Instructional Coach, Accelerated Learning Coordinator
Bob Cogan, K-8th Grade Physical Education Teacher
Rick Cohen, 5th & 6th Grade Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher
Jamie Cooper, 2nd-8th Grade Special Education Teacher
Etti Darmoni, Head Chef
Jaclyn Feather, 3rd Grade General Studies Teacher
Maris Fineberg, HR Manager
Missy Friedman, 3rd Grade General Studies Teacher
Marissa Gerchikov, 5th Grade Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher, 5th & 8th Grade Math Teacher
Becca Gold, K-2nd Grade Special Education Teacher
Eli Gold, K-8th Grade Music Teacher
Marcy Goldman, 1st & 2nd Grade Judaic Studies Teacher
Anita Grobart, 4th Grade General Studies Teacher
Cara Gutstein, ECC Alonim Bet Classroom Teacher
Rachel Haims, ECC Alonim Bet Classroom Teacher
Suzy Hakimian, 7th & 8th Grade Science Teacher
Ruti Halpern, 3rd & 4th Grade Judaic Studies Teacher
Sandy Hill, ECC Alonim Gimel & After Care Classroom Teacher
Ariela Haymburg, 1st & 2nd Grade Judaic Studies Teacher
Meital Hochenboym, Executive Assistant to the Head of School
Alicia Honan, Athletic Director,  K-8th Grade Physical Education and Health Teacher
Dalia Jacobson, Development Database Manager
Molly Jaret, 3rd Grade Judaic Studies Teacher
Naomi Kaplan, ECC Alonim Daled Classroom Teacher
Samantha Kaplan, 3rd & 4th Grade General Studies Special Education Teacher
Jill Katz, 5th & 6th Grade Special Education
Jessi Kohl, 1st Grade General Studies Teacher
Traci Kranz, Administrative Assistant
Tali Lupovitch, ECC Alim Classroom Teacher, Administrative Support
Keren Makno, 3rd & 4th Grade Judaic Studies Support Teacher
Pnina Mazor, 5th & 6th Grade Judaic Studies Teacher, 5th Grade T'fillah
Debbie Mendelson, Kindergarten General Studies Teacher
Lou Moeckler, IT Manager
Andrew Montgomery, 5th-8th Grade Math Teacher
Shoshy Mor, Kitchen Manager
Noreen Ohcana, 5th-8th Grade Math Teacher
Lauren Patinkin, 1st Grade General Studies Teacher
Hannah Pogrund, 1st Grade General Studies Teacher
Elishava Pressburger, ECC Alonim Gimel Classroom Teacher
Robyn-Lee Rabin, ECC Alonim Aleph Classroom Teacher
Hallie Redman, K-8 Art Teacher
Scott Roseman, Controller
Holly Rosenberg, Director of Information Media & Special Programming
Laura Rosenfeld, 4th Grade General Studies Teacher
Lindsey Rosenson, District Aide
Marsha Rosenson, 5th-8th Grade Band Teacher
Elisa Rotman, 5th-8th Grade Social Worker
Rena Rozen, Kindergarten Assistant, K-4th Grade Dance Teacher
Shira Wenig Rozgovich, Annual Giving Manager 
Jennifer Rubin, 5th & 6th Grade Science Teacher
Marci Rubinstein, High School Coordinator, Facilitator of Innovaton
Marilyn Sawyer, School Nurse
Hanna Schiffman, Sub Coordinator, New Student Hebrew Ulpan Teacher
Inbal Schnitman, 1st Grade Judaic Studies Teacher
Alex Schwartz, ECC Alonim Bet Classroom Teacher
Linda Schwartz, Bus Supervisor, Permanent Substitute Teacher
Lindsay Seidenberg, Advacement Associate
Harrison Staple, 7th & 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Stephanie Stormoen, K-8th Grade ELL Teacher
Judy Szapiro, Administrative Assistant
Barb Tatz, 5th-8th Grade Math Teacher
Trisha Taylor, Administrative Assistant
Yehudit Wolf, 3rd and 4th Grade Judaic Studies Teacher
Amy Yaffe, 2nd Grade General Studies Teacher
Gavi Young, Kindergarten General Studies Teacher
In three words, Schechter is a community, learning, and Judaism. Schechter is the type of community that promotes friendship, leadership, learning, fun, and most of all the love of being Jewish. Each day when I walk into school, I am greeted. Whether it's a security guard, a parent, a teacher, and sometimes even a student, I know that I'm starting my day in a community way.
- A Schechter Student
A partner with the Jewish United Fund in serving our community.

We appreciate the generous assistance provided by the Bernard Heerey Family Foundation Seventh Grade Scholarship Program for our Schechter families.  Solomon Schechter Day School accepts students and parents of any race, color, national and ethnic origin, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Administrative Office
: 3210 Dundee Road  Northbrook, IL 60062  847.498.2100