Jewish Life, Learning, and Values


Through our outstanding rabbinics program, students in grades 5-8 explore the fundamental text underlying dynamic Jewish living: the Talmud.  As they delve into the text in its original languages, they build critical thinking skills and develop an understanding of the process by which Jewish practices, laws, and ideas evolve. Students learn to their highest potential through the study of passages carefully chosen for their focus on fundamental human issues.


The mission of Sager Solomon Schechter Day School’s Tefillah Program is to engage students in meaningful prayer experiences that inspire a love of Tefillah and instill a sense of its importance for the Jewish people.

Tefillah is called Avodat HaLev, the Service of the Heart, because in the end, it is the heart that matters most. At Sager Solomon Schechter Day School, all students Tefillah with their entire grade every day. Our primary goal is to provide a consistent, quality Tefillah experience to help students recognize the importance of Tefillah in their lives.

Tanach (Bible)

The study of Tanach (Hebrew Bible) at Solomon Schechter Day School roots students in their history and heritage, as Jews of the 21st century. Students become familiar with the figures and narratives of the Tanach. They also explore Jews' 3000-year-long individual and national relationship with God. The deep engagement of biblical dilemmas and choices builds moral decision-makers who integrate traditional values into their contemporary lives.

Beyond developing textual competency, through the process of weaving together questions, reasoning, and different perspectives, Schechter students become empowered Jewish thinkers capable of approaching a range of life experiences with sophisticated methods of problem-solving. The novel ways of thinking students acquire inspire them to become players in a dynamic tradition that seeks their knowledge, creativity, and skills.

In both general and Judaic studies, my Schechter teachers were constantly investing time and effort into each student's success. Additionally, being surrounded by a community that placed such a high value on education seeded my passion for learning at a very young age.”

– Adam Schneider (SSDS ’07)
A partner with the Jewish United Fund in serving our community.

We appreciate the generous assistance provided by the Bernard Heerey Family Foundation Seventh Grade Scholarship Program for our Schechter families.  Solomon Schechter Day School accepts students and parents of any race, color, national and ethnic origin, sexual orientation or gender identity.

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