Frequently Asked Questions

List of 11 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: How is a Solomon Schechter Day School education different?

    We integrate General and Jewish Studies in a dual curriculum that strengthens critical thinking skills in all subject areas, and creates thoughful and capable learners. High school teachers in the area consistently speak of Schechter students as some of the most prepared students in their classrooms. While learning at these high academic standards, students also cultivate their Jewish identity through living and celebrating the Jewish calendar on a daily basis.
  • Q: We are not part of the Conservative movement. Will we feel like part of the community at SSDS?

    Yes. Although SSDS follows the tenets of the Conservative Movement, we have many students whose families are affiliated with Reform, Reconstructionist and Orthodox synagogues as well as families that are unaffiliated. The richness of the SSDS community is a reflection of what each family brings to our community. We respect the diversity of observance in our Jewish community and are proud that families from such diverse backgrounds feel comfortable at SSDS. All the food we serve is certified Kosher. All families are informed that parties should not take place on Shabbat. We encourage Shabbat as a time for families to share meals and get to know each other within their communities.
  • Q: Does the time spent on Judaic Studies take away from what my child needs to learn in General Studies?

    No. Learning takes place throughout the day regardless of the subject matter. The Judaic Studies program teaches and reinforces the intellectual skills of questioning, analyzing, evaluating and making choices; the very skills needed in General studies classes. The General and Judaic Studies curricula supplement each other; therefore, the high academic achievement of our students at all private local high schools is not surprising. Our students consistently score well above the norm on standardized tests.
  • Q: Do any of our students have learning issues?

    Yes, we have students who attend Schechter with a variety of learning capabilities - with a large range of academic abilities and strengths. We have learning resource professionals on staff who work closely with our students in push-in and pull-out services. We have programs and curricula for above grade level students. We utilize MAP testing (measures of academic progress) to monitor the academic achievements of our students. Where appropriate we add enrichments or support.
    We are not a special needs school. If we feel we are unable to meet the needs of a child, we will assist the family in finding a school that can meet the child's needs.
  • Q: No one in our family speaks or understands Hebrew; how will this affect my child's education?

    You do not have to know Hebrew for your children to be successful at SSDS. The Hebrew homework is a review of the material taught to the students in the classroom. Support is also available for your child during and after school. We also have a program for students transferring into the grades with limited Hebrew background.
  • Q: How are parents involved at SSDS?

    SSDS encourages parents to be involved in the school community through the Parent Organization (PO). The PO provides a number of opportunities for parents to volunteer in the school including setting up and serving meals for special holiday celebrations, welcoming new families through our "buddy system," and planning fun family events throughout the school year.
  • Q: Where do SSDS graduates go to high school?

    Graduates attend public and private (secular and Jewish) high schools throughout the Chicagoland area.
  • Q: How often do students go to Tefillot (Prayer)?

    Our students participate in daily tefillot, beginning in our preK program. Younger students take turns leading services and also participate by having aliyot (being called to the Torah), being the Gabbai (organize and lead the service), and leading Tefillah. This helps our students build confidence and skills. Third graders learn Torah trope and begin reading from the Torah; they in turn then read Torah to the younger students. Prayer is a time of reflection and connection to our Jewish roots.
  • Q: Do you have early morning and or afternoon care?

    Yes. There is early care and after care at the Early Childhood Center as well as the Northbrook Campus. There is an additional charge for these care arrangements.
  • Q: Is there a hot lunch program?

    Yes, we have a certified kosher hot lunch program. There are a variety of lunch plans that you may purchase for your child(ren). We alternate between dairy lunch days and meat lunch days: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are dairy; Tuesdays and Thursdays are meat days. Students may bring non-dairy/non-meat foods such as tuna, hummus, soy, fruits and vegetables on any day.
  • Q: Do you have bus service?

    Yes. There is bus service to our Northbrook school from several pick-up points: Chicago, Evanston, Skokie, Glencoe, Highland Park and Buffalo Grove. Different buses pick up/drop-off from the different routes. There is an additional charge for this service. Many of our families also drive in carpools. Pick-up and drop-off is quick, safe and organized.
I transferred to Schechter in 5th grade because I wanted to be challenged more academically and I wanted to be in a Jewish setting. Right from the start my teachers and classmates made me feel so welcome. I love our community, the amazing faculty that has supported me educationally and personally, and learning about and celebrating Jewish life. I am so happy here.

–Sarah, Grade 7 
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We appreciate the generous assistance provided by the Bernard Heerey Family Foundation Seventh Grade Scholarship Program for our Schechter families.  Solomon Schechter Day School accepts students and parents of any race, color, national and ethnic origin, sexual orientation or gender identity.

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